Bet365 Channel 4/Feature Race 4/1 Offer

Bet365 can be considered to be one of the largest online sports betting websites in the world. The company is based in the UK and it is now offering two special promotions that will offer you a bigger bang for the money you deposit.

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Feature Race 4/1 Offer
All you have to do in order to get a free bet of up to £50 at the next Feature Race at bet365 is to back a single winner at 4/1 odds or more. The fun will not stop here and if you are lucky enough and your risk free bet turns out to be a winner, then you will continue on getting free bets. However if you lose the money is refunded to your account.
Now it’s the perfect time to claim your risk free bet and the Feature Races are happening almost each and every day. You only need to back one winner at 4/1 on the Feature Races and this way you are given the risk free bet that could go up to 50 pounds. There are usually two feature races available each day and this means that there are always opportunities that you need to take into consideration. If you are skilled enough to understand what’s happening behind the Feature Race 4/1 Offer from Bet365 you can even find some arbitrage strategies that might work and that could help you hit a guaranteed profit.

Channel 4/1 Offer

The Channel 4/1 Offer is yet another betting offer that you should take into account. Things are once again kept very simple and all you have to do here is to back any single winner for the 4/1 races that are televised by Channel 4 and this can give you a free bet that is worth up to £50.

Just like the other offer if the risk free bet turns you to be a winning bet, then you have the chance to receive another bet and continue on cashing in some nice sums of money.

Click here to Get £200 Free at Bet365 and take advantage of the Channel 4 4/1 Offe

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