Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed Plus (Best Horse Racing Offer EVER)

Ladbrokes has recently been offering a lot of great promotions. They currently have the largest number of promotions among UK bookmakers. Nobody has been able to compare with them, it’s impossible. Offers and promotions of Ladbrokes have always been directed to the punters so they make more money.

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This promotion is for Ladbrokes horse racing. The promo is to give an improvement in the SP odds for punters. Horse races are usually very tempting, big money for racing. The SP tends to change a lot and punters do not want to lose money, specially when a horse finishes the race with odds that pay much more than the initial price that was taken. Ladbrokes wants punters to make more money with horses.

Punters always look for the best prices in horse racing, it is very annoying when a horse winning the race finishing with better odds. Almost all bookmakers offer the best odds guaranteed promotion, but Ladbrokes has a considerable improvement in the odds compared to other bookies.

How this promotion works?

For example: A horse begins with a starting price (SP) 5/1 and punter makes a £10 bet, the horse won the race, but the odds were changing (after making the bet) to 12/2 . The punter will be upset, he could have waited a little longer before started the race to get a better price. Ladbrokes recognize the new odds and pays the punter 6/1, for a profit of £60, much more than expected with SP 5/1.

It is very simple to understand. Ladbrokes wants to pay more money to the punters. Horse races marked with “best odds guaranteed plus” (BOG+) promotion is where punters will get more money if a horse finish the race with better odds. Almost all horse races are involved in this promotion.

What are the terms and conditions?

– The promotion is available on all horse racing within the UK and Ireland. Some special events will be outside the promotion, rarely a race is excluded.

– The maximum bet is £200 for winner and place. No multiple bets (ACCAS, trebles etc) in this promotion, under no circumstances, are allowed. Live bets are not permitted. Also betting on betshops or by phone are excluded as well.

– This promotion is available to all new and regular punters. It can be used with Internet or Ladbrokes official app for mobile phones.

The promotion is very attractive, especially for punters who want to make the most of the horses. Horse racing will always be one of the best options to start in online gambling. Combine this opportunity with a good betting strategy, quality search and analyze statistics, all this would be the perfect combination.

Ladbrokes always take the advantage in promotions. With this new promotion that have been introduced in the market for horse racing, they may be asking for the title of the best bookie of 2016.

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