Totesport Games No Lose Bonus – Get £10 Cashback Games is now giving away completely free a £10 cashback bonus for all new players. This offer is available for all the losses made during the first day as a member.

That’s right you get you play Totesport games risk free for your first £10. Should you win. Great! You walk away a winner. If you lose you get your £10 back. Nice

Click Here to Claim £10 Risk Free at Totesport Games

This for me is better than a no deposit bonus, as there are no terms or conditions, just some nice insurance that if you lose your first £10 you get it back!

Note the fact that this £10 cashback bonus is going to be available only for a limited time. You just have to register and make a deposit and during your first day, when you start playing any of the 50+ games available, there will be a 100% refund on the losing stakes you make. You need to know the fact that this bonus is currently available only for the instant games. There is a huge choice of games and this includes some fun slot games, coming from IGT. At the same time there are also virtual racing and table games included.

In case you are already a member of ToteSport, you don’t have to make any more deposits, as the only thing you need to do is to play the instant games and the cash back bonus will apply. Everything is kept to be very easy to use and understand and you must make sure not to miss this opportunity.

To be part of this promotion you have to go through some simple steps. You first need to register for Totesport Games and you can do that by using the simple registration form that will take just a few minutes and login to your account. Make a deposit of at least £10 and after that you must make sure to make at least 5 bets during the first 24 hours of membership. The money gets refunded to your account only if you don’t win. You have to act fast and make sure you have the enough time during the first day of membership to play the games.

There aren’t many online gambling sites on the internet to offer this kind of promotion and you need to sign up now and be part of this guaranteed no lose gambling adventure. It can help you get more familiar with the games and there is no risk involved.

Click Here to Claim £10 Risk Free at Totesport Games

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