Football Accumulator Betting Guide

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Building a football accumulator has never been easier, with so many matches taking place all over the world at any given time.

Accumulator bets are a popular football bet mainly due to the ability to create a higher odds bet by stacking different match outcomes into one bet.

Here is a guide to football accumulator betting:

How accumulator betting works: 

An accumulator is a bet that combines four or more selections into a single wager that gains a return only when all parts win. This inevitably carries a risk that should only one of the selected results let your punt down, the bet is instantly lost. 

  • Accumulator bets are very simple to build. All punters have to do is select the outcome of 4 or more particular fixtures, in order to make up an accumulator bet.
  • Pay outs generally tend to be bigger with the more matches placed on the accumulator bet but having more matches on the list of course is riskier for punters.

Should all of the selected picks on an accumulator come in, the bet is settled and money is won.

Working Example

  • Backing Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea all to win at 1/2 in separate bets, would not yield a big win – 50p for every £1 placed.
  • Combining the bets into an accumulator however, would return a profit of £4 with the pay-out being 4.06/1.
  • Should any of the aforementioned sides lose or draw their particular match however, the bet is instantly null and void.
  • The principal appeal of the accumulator is only betting £1 as a combination bet, rather than backing each team individually in each match.

Things to look out for when football accumulator betting: 

Seek Out Bookmaker Offers – Such is the increase in popularity of accumulator betting that most of the major bookmakers are looking to entice new and existing customers through accumulator specific promotions:

Money Back if One Team Lets You Down – Some bookmakers offer a lifeline – meaning that if only one team lets you down on your accumulator, they will return your stake to you.

Accumulator Winning Bonus – Other sportsbooks offer a bonuses, so should you correctly pick e.g. 4 results, they will add a percentage on to your winnings. These policies tend to rise incrementally, meaning the more selections you correctly pick, the more money you are likely to receive as a bonus.

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