Valorant Esports Betting Review

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Big-money championships, huge online audiences and training and development programmes have all become part of the new dynamic within esports.

As a new sport to bet on within the sports betting fraternity, esports have made plenty of seasoned punters stand up, with its potential to give bettors quick windfalls and the worldwide appeal of the sport capturing the imagination of rookie and seasoned punters alike.

Within the growing universe of esports, each individual sport is battling for supremacy – not just from the online streaming audience but from the associated sports betting markets too.

Whilst more established games such as League of Legends and FIFA continue to grow their status exponentially, those games on the periphery are looking for ways to compete in a congested marketplace.

Valorant is one of the most popular esports vocations for gamers, streamers, and bettors in 2022 and it is predicted to grow from strength to strength in line with current market trends.

With the popularity of the game and the esports betting revolution booming, there are a whole host of associated betting markets when it comes to Valorant.

How does betting on Valorant work:

There is nothing simple about Valorant as a game, which is front and centre to the appeal it has amongst the gaming fraternity currently.

As a result, the associated markets and bets available to punters within the game is also broad – allowing players to access a huge variety of markets when betting on Valorant.

Betting on Valorant works like many other sports, with punters able to place bets on the straight win/lose markets as well as being able to wager on the correct scores in specific games and matches.

From there, accumulator bets can also be built by punters looking for a chance to potentially win big, whilst outright winner punts can also be played at big tournaments and events.

Handicap and totals bets are also available when betting on Valorant, giving the game a very traditional feel to even the most ardent of punters.

Valorant Betting Tips:

New Game = New Opportunities

As a relatively new game (particularly within the esports betting sphere) Valorant has instant appeal to punters on two fronts.

Firstly, the fact the game is a fresh face in the industry means there a less so-called experts creating Valorant odds in the field – something punters can cash in on and exploit when analysing the best odds and bets available to them.

Secondly, patterns and trends within the Valorant betting industry are yet to be established and as such, having some inside knowledge can enable punters to win big and more importantly, win more frequently.

Meaning punters who are clued up on not only the rules of Valorant but also the people that play the game, are likely to be able to place more successful bets.

Get Stuck into Valorant Live Betting

Sports betting as an industry has boomed over the past decade or so – thanks in a large part to the advent of live betting.

The esports industry is slowly finding its feet within the live betting sphere, with games often taking place so quickly that punters can’t always access live, in-play odds.

Valorant breaks that mould however, with punters able to back different markets as the game unfolds – giving those betting the best possible chance of clinching a win when betting on Valorant.

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