How to win a Horse Racing Placepot

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sporting events to bet on in the world, with punters infatuated by the options at their disposal.

With races taking place all over the planet, practically 24/7 bettors can access a wealth of markets and bets that most other sports simply can’t compete with.

A placepot bet is one of the most common stakes placed by punters, with players having to select 6 or more horses across a range of races, that will finish in the (paid) placing positions.

As with any accumulative bet, greater odds and winnings are often paid out on successful placepot bets. While the odds reflect this and your chance of success are lower there is a potential if you are lucky for a larger reward than say a single bet.

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Here is a guide to horse racing placepot betting:

How placepot betting works: 

The placepot is a parimutuel betting market in horse racing that involves backing a selection of horses to place across a particular race card. 

Punters traditionally pick 6 horses to compile a placepot bet but players do have flexibility across race meetings and the number of horses they put in a placepot.

Should all 6 horses win, the punter is paid out at the maximum price offered by the Tote – the horse racing betting regulator in the UK.

Permutations are then brought in should a punter have two winners and 4 places on their card, which all effects the amount of returns a player sees in their bank account.

Even if all the picks selected in any given placepot don’t land, each way placepot punters will see a return on their initial stake – making it hugely attractive to punters looking to keep their balance ticking over.

Things to look out for when Placepot betting: 

Play it Safe – Correctly selecting 6 horses to place across a range of races/meets can return excellent sums of money and not being greedy is essential. Despite the regularity with which placepots are employed by punters, many players don’t see the rewards they want due to 1 or 2 horses letting them down. Doing adequate research and following the form guide will return more money in the long run for placepot punters.

Read the Terms and Conditions – Every race is different in terms of how many places they pay out. If there are between five and seven runners in a race, only the top two horses get paid out on, whereas if there are over eight horses in a race – it 

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