How to Bet On Football In-Play

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Football is all about entertainment and front and centre of that category is the thrills and spills that come with the live action.

Getting fans off their seats is the primary objective of every football player and regardless of which team you support, watching goals fly in tends to make football more enjoyable as a spectacle.

Betting in-play has revolutionised the way in which punters bet in recent times, with bookmakers very keen to attract customers to their sportsbook by offering odds as the action unfolds. As a result, punting in-play has boomed on the market and there are more opportunities than ever to bet as the action unfolds.

How in-play football betting works: 

Betting as the action unfolds is a relatively new concept for punters, who will see odds change as the game is played out. It has been born about through the increase in popularity of online sports betting, with odds constantly being tailored as the game is played out.

In-play betting can be used across a variety of markets, but punters must act quickly if they are to bet on a particular outcome, with the in-play element often relying on the interchangeability of the game as it takes place.

Things to look out for when In-Play Football betting: 

Do Your Research – It’s simple, for as long as the game is taking place – anything can happen in a game of football. Of course, the objective every time a team steps on to the field of play is to score and in turn win but different teams, managers and owners have individual approaches to playing the game. Some teams look to pinch a goal and defend it, whilst others go all-out attack from the first whistle. Acquire knowledge on each and every team and look for the sides that bang the goals in when betting in-play.

Seek Out The Bookmaker Offers – Such is the increase in popularity of in-play betting that most of the major bookmakers are looking to entice new and existing customers through in-play specific promotions:

Money Back if One Team Lets You Down – Some bookmakers offer a lifeline – meaning that if only one team lets you down on your bet, they will return your stake to you.

In-Play Winning Bonus – Other sportsbooks offer bonuses, so should you correctly pick the outcome in-play, they will add a percentage on to your winnings. These policies tend to rise incrementally, meaning the more selections you correctly pick, the more money you are likely to receive as a bonus.

Shop Around For the Best Bookies – There are a wealth of bookmakers in the UK, all offering an array of betting options for punters. In-play betting has become hugely popular in recent times so be sure to look into the odds and markets offered by each company, before placing any in-play bets. 

In-Play Football Betting – 3 Top Tips

  • Bet Objectively – Don’t bet with your heart in-play, as you can be wrapped up in the emotion of the game. Try to stay objective and look for trends and patterns within the game.
  • Back the Top Goal Scorers – If a player/team is banging the goals in – back them, confidence is key when betting in play.
  • Know Your Game – Some basic research on lesser known football leagues can yield big returns, so back the teams in the lower leagues in-play and reap the rewards.

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