Lucky 15 Betting Strategy

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If you are looking for how to bet a Lucky 15 and how to best utilise current betting offers to increase your potential rewards you have come to the right place!

First let’s make sure you are clear what a Lucky 15 bet actually is.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 is a multiple bet across 4 betting events which involves 15 separate bets combined into one stake.

The bets are as follows:

1 4-fold

4 Trebles

6 Doubles

4 Singles

On each of the 15 bets you place a stake. For example if it was £1, the total bet would cost £15.

Depending on the odds of each of the 4 bets you place you may profit with 1 or more winners.

If you also do an each-way lucky 15 on 4 horse racing bets you can also back the horses to place (come 1st,2nd,3rd or whatever place position is defined in the race) as well as win, this involves 30 bets as you are in effect doing 1 Lucky 15 on them all to win or 1 Lucky 15 on them all to place.

I find a very useful Lucky 15 calculator is available here. It’s good to use a calculator to let you work out how many legs of the bet you need to win in order for the bet to profit.

Lucky 15 Betting Strategy

When creating a betting strategy for a Lucky 15, the first thing to keep in mind is gambling is risky and multiple bets have a greater chance of failing than single bets as you have to win multiple events to make the most profit.

With the increase risk comes a potential increase in reward as the odds multiply as you combine selections. Again if you view this calculator here. you can play about with it and see potential rewards depending on odds and how many bets win.

For a quick example if I bet on 4 horses in 4 races each at 4/1 with 3 1/5 place terms in an each way lucky 15 at £0.50 a leg (total bet £15) and the result is 3 horses placing and 1 winning I would make £19.73 profit. If all 4 horses win I make £727.48. However if only 1 horse wins and 3 lose I make a £9.60 loss. Or if just 1 horse places and the other 3 lose I make a £14.10 loss. Of course if they all lose I lose £15.

In the example above you see the wild swings in profitability from a Lucky 15. I can either lose all my money, some of my money, make a nice profit of £19.73 or make a substantial profit of £727.48. These are just some of the permutations and many different levels of profit or loss are possible.

When creating your strategy the first thing you are going to want to do is set a budget. Preferably bet at very low stakes or paper trade without betting at first.

Multiple bets should be for fun, and if it’s not fun please do not bet and bet with money you cannot realistically afford to lose.

The general principle for being successful at multiple bets or any type of bets for that matter is to beat the odds the bookmaker sets.

You are looking for an edge or value in the odds for the best you place. This of course is subjective, but in sports betting you can attempt to use your knowledge to make intelligent bets that you think have a chance of winning.

Professional bettors research heavily to try to improve their chances of being successful. Some will also just put random bets in a Lucky 15 and treat like a lottery.

My advise would be to bet on something you know about and keep your expectations low. If for example you are an expert in all weather racing. Bet 4 bets at one track and choose each carefully using your knowledge to best guess the likely winner. In horse racing anything can happen, but the point of the research is to make an informed choice, rather than determine success.

Lucky 15 Betting Offers to Use.

A lot of bookmakers have some kind of Lucky 15 bonus usually it will a 1 winner bonus that doubles the odds. That is why the figure above for our return for 1 winner is £9.60 without the 1 winner bonus (3 other bets must lose to get this deal) it would be a £11.60 bonus.

If you view our free bets page we list bookmakers in order of our preference. You can use one or several of these to place your Lucky 15 bets.

Some bookmakers even have what is called an “All winners bonus” this means if you are lucky enough to win all 4 of your lucky 15 bets you will be given a bonus amount, this may be 10% for example.


I hope in reading this article you are a little clearer about what Lucky 15 bets are and how to place them. Remember to practise with the calculator and on paper before betting to ensure you fully understand the bet and profit and loss potential.