How betting on the lottery can add even more excitement

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betting on the lottery can add even more excitement

For many, the lottery is a weekly staple in their lives. The idea of having that winning ticket and landing a major windfall is one that appeals to everyone, and the hope that one day it could be you, spurs a lot of people on to take part. There are many stories about people whose lives have been changed through the lottery, and the tradition of playing each week is one that has endured for a long period of time.

In the modern age, however, it’s always good to find new ways to spice up our experience of different things, and the lottery is no different. For example, Paddy Power give the chance to bet on the Irish lotto online, adding a new twist to the way the lottery can be played. The idea is simple: instead of buying a ticket and selecting how many numbers are required, you can place a wager on certain numbers being drawn. 

The odds are as follows: picking one number gives you odds of 6/1, two numbers is 60/1, three numbers is 700/1, four numbers 7200/1, and the full five numbers offers odds of a whopping 130000/1. There are three draws each time, with the lottery taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you’ve got quite a few chances to win. 

This idea of betting on the lottery can help you play in a way that suits you, and can add much more excitement to the traditional fun of playing. It means you can choose how much you’d like to stake, so you don’t have to merely pay the set price of a lottery ticket. If you’d rather bet £10 on one number that’s an option, or if you fancy going for the higher odds you can place a much smaller amount in the hope that your luck is in and you land a major win.

As with all the games we play, adding exciting new ways to play and win always makes taking part more appealing. While the lottery is a game steeped in tradition, it’s nice to have a new way to take part and a whole different way to win. 

While we all dream of having that winning lottery ticket, being able to bet on the draw on our own terms can ultimately increase your chances of winning. We all have those fantasies of winning the lottery and jetting off on that dream holiday, buying that car we’ve long had our eye on, or making ourselves at home in a bigger, better house. 

Of course, the chances of that happening are incredibly slim, and so being able to bet on the lottery as we see fit is a great way to win smaller amounts which can be put towards fulfilling some of those dreams in a small way. And, you can always play the same lottery in the more traditional way as well, by purchasing a ticket and hoping your lucky numbers are drawn. The ability to bet on it as well simply adds a fun new dimension which will hopefully increase your chances of pocketing some extra cash.