How to Bet On Esports

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Esports are a massive new phenomenon in the world of online gaming and many bookmakers now let you bet on sports played on computers and consoles.

This way of betting is growing quickly and the rise of with popular games streamed 24 hours a day such as League of Legends, Counter Strike and Fifa has created a whole new world of epsorts that you can access.

Now some may argue esports are not really a “sport” as the sportsman are merely playing a computer game. However the same could easily be said of a sport such as darts which requires little athletic ability and like esports its best players are those with good hand and eye coordination, technique and intelligence.

Esports may seem daunting but it is not a scary betting proposition. Like with live sporting events such as football you can study the Esport players form and past results you can also bet on a “Match Win” just like with football betting.

A good place to start before you bet on Esports is to view the streams of the teams live on that way you can get an idea of who the best teams and players are and how each game works as each game is entirely different to another.

For newcomers who aren’t necessarily computer game fans a great option is to follow FIFA Esports tournements. Many football fans have played Fifa at some point on one gaming platform or another and the rules are the same as real football so it is not such a difficult leap to make. Newcomers may struggle with something unfamiliar such as League of Legends (LOG). You can again watch Fifa being played on

Once you can gage the best teams and players you may wish to place a bet on who you think will win. As with any new form of betting you take it’s important to be responsible and paper trade before depositing or start with small stakes. The more information you can arm yourself with the more confident you can be placing bets you are happy with.

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Betting on Esports is strictly for 18+ Please Gamble Responsibly.