Is it advisable to bet on Horse Racing at Starting Price?

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Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete newcomer to Horse Racing it really pays to get your bets on at the correct time.

Horse Racing is fairly unique to other types of bets such as Football in that the odds price can move dramatically throughout the day.

These movements are refered to as Steamers and Drifters. In fact you can use betting software to track odds movements and try to make a profit on timing the price correctly compared to what the “true” odds should be.

So if I want to bet at the starting price (SP) every time I bet would this be a good idea? UIn short, no.

If you look at the racing post NAP Table you will see the profit for the season recorded to £1 bets. You will see also many of the these newspaper tipsters are in minus money. Are they just bad tipsters? Usually its more a case of the price is sensitive to punters backing the bet so whilst you may make a profit backing the tipster at 9AM its unlikely you will just before the off.

The reasons for this are quite simple the bookmakers have time to effectively price things more accurately, the more accurate they are with pricing the less chance they will lose and you will win.

If however you are smart and get your bets on early, even perhaps the night before you have a greater chance of spotting a good bet at decent odds. This could be through your own research or through the help of betting advice.

You also have the advantage of getting Best Odds Guaranteed with the majority of bookmakers. E.g. William Hill and Ladbrokes. This feature will either pay you out at the price you took, or the price at the finish, so its the best of both worlds.

The problem you may face if and when you become more successful with your bets, your bookmaker may have to limit your account or remove BOG from your account.

Fortunately there are many many bookmakers to choose from and you can find a list of the very best below….

Best Bookmaker Offers

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