Ladbrokes Casino is the Number 1 place to play The Lord of the Rings

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The brand new slot machine game Lord of the Rings has just been released and is causing a riot amongst the top casinos as they promote the hell out of it. Having played the Lord of the Rings I can tell you that it does indeed live up to its hype and it is a remarkable addition to the slot game world.

The reason why you should choose Ladbrokes to play this game is simply that they have by far the best bonus offer on this game. In fact even if you have no interest in slots or The Lord of the Rings its still worth playing to claim your free spins.


By playing at ladbrokes you have the chance to get 1000 free spins, with each spin valued at £0.30. That’s a very substantial bonus of £300. The best part of this bonus is that the first 5 spins are given completely free with no deposit required. You can check out a screenshot of what the Lord of the Rings game looks like below.

Now with all these free spins on offer you may be wondering what you can actually get, well this slot game has a top prize of  1,900,000 coins, that’s a massive £95,000 jackpot! With 243 different ways to win you are sure to have a very entertaining session on this quality new slot game.

Ladbrokes has always been one of the better places to claim bonuses as it is generous to the player and doesn’t have ridiculous terms and conditions that ruin your chance of ever withdrawing anything. Its a very good promotion and unfortunately it is limited so you have till just the 13th September 2010 to claim your free 1000 spins.

Claim Your Free 1000 Spins at Ladbrokes Here

Good Luck & Happy Gaming!

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