What is a tricast bet?

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There are many weird and wonderful bets in sports betting. Unfortunately many punters don’t understand the bets and are perhaps missing out on a way of betting that they would like to try.

One such option is a tricast bet, to try this bet you can visit bet365 below…

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What is a trifecta bet?

The clue is really in the name, this of course is a bet of three selections. It applies to horse racing and to win the bet you have to correctly pick the first 3 horses in a race, in the correct order.

This is a very difficult thing to do, but the rewards can be immense. Here’s a tricast I’ve made up, so its a lottery situation if I win. I simply selected three horses on the Forecast/Tricast section of the bet365 website (its below the racecard). You just dot 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the appropriate horses then add to your betting slip.

How much can I win?

It really depends on the odds of your bet, picking a favourite to come first will obviously reduce the return. On my example I got quoted odds of 293.53. Meaning for a £1 bet I would make almost £300!

Now obviously these aren’t going to come in that often, how many 300/1 horses do you hear have won? Now that’s where the next type of bet can get interesting.

What is a Combination Tricast?

Picking the 1st horse in a horse racing is difficult never mind the first three. So we also have the option to place a combination tricast. This allows a bet that gives us a profit as long as the three horses we choose finish in any order in the top 3.

At bet365 to achieve the effect of this we can simply place 6 bets which will cover all eventualities of the order of the 3 horses we have chosen.

Tips to Make this Bet Pay

Personally I would treat a tricast as a lottery ticket. You may have some skill in your horse racing knowledge but once we get to treble odds figures its really a guessing game. For a £1 bet or £5 its a small expense for something that if you do everyday should statistically land and give you a windfall at least once a year (odds depending)

If you’re impatient go for the combination forecast, this is far easier to land and you should see 6 times the amount of winners as the straight tricast bet.

To get started on tricast bets, head over to bet365 now…

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