Why Do Bookies Limit Accounts?

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If you are a successful sports bettor there is a chance you have had one or more of your bookmaker accounts limited.

What Does it Mean for Your Account to be limited?

If your account is limited this means the bookmaker has limited your stakes to an amount they are willing to take and/or restricted your bets to certain markets. It could also mean you are restricted from promotions and free bets including BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed)

Why Do Bookmakers Do This?

The bookmakers do this to as part of the risk assessment of their clients. If they feel you are placing bets that either are deemed too profitable or suggest you have superior knowledge or inside information they do not wish to take the business risk of taking future bets.

Is this fair and legal?

It’s completely up to the bookmaker who they take bets from so it is of course legal, but whether it is fair is debatable depending on the reasons for each individual case.

If I win will I be limited?

Not necessarily, it’s more complex than this. Many people place successful bets regularly and have no problem getting their bets on. Every bookmaker is different but they will limit accounts that do not meet their risk assessment criteria. Of course this is largely kept private so it cannot be exploited.

What should I avoid to not get limited?

Anything that is not strictly above board such as abusing free offers or bonuses with techniques that exploit loopholes the bookmaker may have failed to see could raise red flags.

What should I do if I get limited?

The best thing is to find another bookmaker who will take your bets, there are loads to choose from and new ones arrive every year. Plus you get a free bet when you sign up with a new bookmaker so you can turn the negative of a restricted account into a positive by collecting a free bet! See our free bet list for details of the best deals.

Are any Bookmakers More Likely to Limit?

As this data is kept private we simply don’t know, you will hear complaints online in places such as Twitter, but anecdotal evidence is not the same as hard statistics and evidence.

Do Any Bookmakers Not Limit?

It’s not a bookmaker but Betfair Exchange does not limit as you are betting against other people, rather than a bookmaker. You will of course pay a commission percentage of 5%, but even with this you may find your odds can be better than some and even all bookmakers at times. Many professional bettors use the Betfair Exchange as they can get their bets on there. This is not to be confused with Betfair Sportsbook which is a bookmaker.